31st March 1945

Fine but blustery, and rain came on this afternoon.  Examined the wood from Stag’s Holt, and put several pieces into soak in an attempt to restore their original shape.

This afternoon went to the Marches to see the Annual Stallion Parade.  There were 6 entries – 3 shires, 2 Suffolks, and a skewbald Welsh pony.  They were a good looking lot, but the show was badly arranged, in fact it was no show at all, as the cattle-market yard was full of lorries, so that the horses could barely find room to stand amongst them.  The two Suffolks were really magnificent, and the skewbald pony a delight.  Several ponies for sale in the yard, one grey cob rather the stamp of Bob, but a little lighter.

Town was packed today, everybody buying in stores in case “peace breaks out”, when all shops will instantly shut and thereby deprive the population of food and drink.  Big wedding this afternoon at the Congregational Church in Castle Square.

Bombers were going over all day, and the news tells us that the Allies are far into Germany.  For the last two days the newspapers have not mentioned either rockets or divers.  Evening papers tonight print warning articles on “What will Hitler do Next?” and the “Express” emphasises that we are ready for “his last fling”.  Eleven generals have been released from prison camps.  Perhaps Parrington’s brother is amongst them.  [Parrington of Sherbourne Mill, Lawford].

Tonight almost a gale, and much cloud rushing across the sky.  The wind howls and screams through cracks in this jerry-built little house, and the dining room door is continually blown open.

Can it really be that we have heard the sirens for the last time?  Rather sinister that the Germans are holding out in Scandinavia, from which they can launch attacks against the north.

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