EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

1st December 1944

Fine, and quite warm, belying the old rhyme “Cold December hath come in …”  What would one give to be a boy again and hear the Bellman [calling that rhyme] far away in the dark.

Went to the Library, to see papers.  News uniformly bad.  To the Bank, drew some money.  Don't care how much I have left.  Met Maidstone as I came out, who was most kind and friendly.  From what he tells me the office is in chaos.  Home to tea.  Father very well.  Stayed until 9.30, then to see Dr Penry Rowland, but I could tell him so little, quite tongue-tied, so he could do little to help me.  He had heard from Edinburgh.

A very good night last night, and hope for another.  Fine, and high thin clouds all day.

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