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11th December 1944

Up at 8.30.  Lovely day.  Thousands of ‘planes going out.  Cold and frosty.   

Went to Holly Trees and saw Poulter.  He had seen Sam, and told him of my plans and that I should like a reference from him, but Sam was very annoyed and turned awkward, saying that he will have to think this over.  He never for a moment imagined that I should get away.

Went to Town Hall, to see Gunton, and to my surprise (and delight) was paid £22 outstanding salary which I had forgotten about.

Called for Diana and took her to tea in the upper room at Last’s.  She wanted to go to a cinema afterwards, but I did not feel well enough and cried off, which I am afraid rather annoyed her.  Left, and headed for Boxted at half past six, in rising fog.  A little gunfire to the E, but no alarm.  Went on to Little Rivers, and had a long talk with the Roses.  Stuart thinks I ought to go, if only to show Colchester that I am not going to be Sam’s lackey.  Dodo was very kind and gave me a delicious supper.

Got back to Woodside at 11, and there was an alarm for 10 minutes a few minutes later.  Went to look around, but nothing done.  Fog quite thick.

Cycling out tonight saw a large American truck filled with cases of whisky loading up at Wheeler’s place in Culver Street.  Yet an Englishman can’t get any spirits at all.

Poulter told me that at Pascall and Cann’s last auction sale, a child’s pram and a child’s tricycle together made £52.

Rain began as I went to bed.


Anonymous said...


Some interesting money values in this entry. ER's salary he was due of £22 is equal to £874.15 today. But the sale of the child's pram and tricycle is more surprising. He tells us the sold for £52, this is the equivalent of £2,066.17 today!
(I was so surprised by this I checked it on another Website which gave a very similar result.)

Mike Dennis

Anonymous said...


It occurs to me that the pram ER was told about was a doll's pram - the company Silver Cross who make them for babies also doll versions (and still do at around £300 plus) but they have always been very expensive (ones for babies today can be £1,500 pus).

Is it possible this was a sale for a Christmas present by somebody with plenty of spare cash?

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Hi Mike,
Many thanks for putting these values in today's prices. The cost of the pram and tricycle seems enormous and I will need to check if I have transcribed this correctly, although the fact that Poulter mentioned the price to Rudsdale suggests that it the auction price was exceptionally high. Perhaps there was something of great value hidden in the pram! Thanks again and best wishes, Catherine