EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

13th December 1944

Up at 9.  Hard frost but a beautiful bright morning. 

Writing, then to town this afternoon.  Thick fog came on.  Home, and had tea there.  Father seemed very well and happy.  Wrote to Capt. Folkard, telling him I was trying to get to Wisbech, and asking him to allow any decision on my War Agricultural Committee future to stand over until the result is known.

Nothing from Wisbech, nor from Daphne, from whom I have expected a letter for the last fortnight.

Letter and testimonial came from Sam – nothing to criticise in either, but he is obviously very sore indeed.

Left home at 6 to go to Boxted, but felt ill at ease and reluctant for some reason to travel on the main road.  Went by way of Lexden and Cook’s Lane to West Bergholt.  Went right round by West Wood, and at the back of Pictsbury, down Coach Road, past the bungalow where Hull lived 16 years ago, to Woodside.  In a field near Pictsbury Wood saw a curious light, like a bicycle lamp, in the middle of the field.

Tonight made a new will, and wrote out 2 copies.  Rockets falling occasionally.  Fog very thick.

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