EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

23rd December 1944

Two alarms, at 7.15 and 8 A.M.  Three ‘divers’ burst to the E. and one went over a little to our north.  Saw it from the field behind the house.  Fine day, but waves of fog during the morning.  Went into town, very busy on odd jobs.  To Library and coming out ran into Sam Blomfield.  He was a bit short, and obviously very put out at my going.  Said: “Do you think you’ll ever come back?”  Answered that I had not the least idea.  

Home for tea, and then went out to Little Rivers, but found Dodo ill again, so could not stay long.  On the Boxted Road a brass band was playing carols in the misty moonlight, and a few rockets fell in the distance.  Dodo seemed far more nervous of rockets than she ever was of bombs, whereas I am not.  Gave them a print, and they gave me a print, and left at quarter to 10.  Miss Bentley said she thought there had been an alarm during the evening.  Her sister is here from London, seeming very nervous.

Walked out into the bright moonlight, and could hear a lot of singing and shouting from the Americans on the aerodrome.

Tomorrow being Sunday, today serves as Christmas Eve, and a lot of people are having parties tonight.

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