EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

2nd December 1944

Cloudy calm morning, and then the sun came through.  ‘Planes going out early.  Two big distant explosions at 8.30, so Miss Bentley said, and the house shook, but I remained asleep.

Into town, shopping.  At lunch much talk about the rockets.  At the next table a Military Police sergeant, and an ATS Military Police talking loudly and earnestly about escaping prisoners.  Saw a large hornet in Culver Street, crawling on the sunny pavement.

To stables, empty and forlorn except for old Hampshire’s rubbish.  Sad to see my lovely traps and harness, nothing in the corn bins but a few mouldy grains.

Tea in the town, and to Library again.  Then back to Boxted at 7.15, as the moon came up.  Went to Lt. Rivers, was made very welcome.  Dodo seemed nervous of rockets, and worried about the baby, which has been ill again.  There was a big explosion at 10 o’clock, and the candles fluttered.

Called at Holly Trees before I came out, and Poulter told me that the “little man” distinguished himself by being late at the Society of Antiquaries on Thursday night, when he was being admitted.  Saw in the Museums Journal that there is a vacancy for a Curator at Wisbech Museum in the Fens.  Feel I must try for it.  Perhaps I shall go and see it next week.

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