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30th November 1944

Up at 8.  Dull, glass back a little.  Feel still as if I were in hiding, and when in the town crept about the back streets like a criminal.  Went into the Park, sat in the shelter in Holly Trees Field and wrote some letters.  No one came near except Taylor the Park policeman, who came and stared at me rather hard but did not speak.

Went home to tea.  Stayed until 6, quite unable to settle down in the place – Mother’s chair, her work-box etc. and always the straining ears.  Went up to Holly Trees to see Poulter.  Moon just rising, full and glorious, so felt it unlikely there would be any “divers” until much later.  Went right upstairs at Holly Trees, and found the old man sitting on the sofa.  Without a word of greeting he handed me the book he was reading and said “That’s very good.  You ought to read it.”  It was “The Battle of Britain in the Fifth Century”.

We talked for 4 hours.  He told me all that had happened in the last 2 months.  Hull was in London tonight, being admitted F.S.A.  My God, what would Doctor Laver have said?

Smallwood’s death is a disaster to the Museum.  His place has been taken by H.H. Fisher.  Poulter says Miss Elfreda Saunders now has a lot to say at Committee meetings.

Old Mrs Lyon Campbell, still going strong, is selling the Doctor’s house in St Clare Drive during the next few weeks, and the contents are to be auctioned.  Sam Blomfield intends to buy all the Bale drawings.  The books are to go to London, on Poulter’s advice.

Hull seems to have lost all trace of the Castle MSS and Gray’s notebook, which I got from Colonel Round.  There is no sign of any of them.  Poulter says they are believed to have been lent to somebody, but no one knows who.  Blaxill, Blomfield, and Duncan Clark seem to have had some of them at various times after the September meeting.  Our Committee Clark, Hervey, has gone to be deputy to Brown, and young Reg Brown, back from the RAF, has taken over the Museum work.

Poulter thinks that Fisher will be the next Chairman – says Sam is getting very old and feeble.  Asked him – what about my coming back?  He told me it was entirely up to me, and that neither Sam nor Hull will make any move on my behalf.  All my gloomiest prophecies are coming true.

Poulter told me that some time ago a gentleman called, an Irishman, who claimed he was lineal descendant from Eudo Dapifer.  Poulter let him go without even asking for further details!

This afternoon met Diana at the top of the town.  She was delighted to see me, very sweet and friendly.  

Back to Boxted under the brilliant moon, and no raids.

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