EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

7th December 1944

Cloudy, fine, warmer.  Miss Bentley says several great explosions in the night, shaking house, but I heard nothing.

Am beginning to worry about my money, but both the Corporation and War Agricultural Committee owe me a little.  To home, saw Father, who wished me luck, then caught 4 p.m. to Cambridge.  Long tedious journey in semi-dark carriage.  To Folk Museum, and the Lambeths made me very welcome, and apologised for having only vegetarian food.  Much talk about Museums, Wisbech, etc.  Interesting to find that even at Cambridge, Wisbech is regarded as the ends of the earth.  Lambeth never goes there.  He says the present Curator, Curtis-Edwards, is “a little peculiar”, but then what Curator isn’t?

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