EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd December 1944

Looked out at 6am – brilliant moon in a cloudless sky – not a ‘plane, not a sound.  At 9, pouring with rain, which was cleared by a strong NW wind.  Went over to Dedham.  Met Thelma on the way.  Chatted about the office and about Daphne.  Nobody at Dedham, and was unable to get any tea.  Went round to Ida’s and found dear little Jacquie there.  Went back with her to Higham, a lovely walk as the moon came up.  Spent a delightful evening, and stayed until 11.30.  At Dedham and Higham time seems longer and more pleasant than in Colchester.

A few ‘planes about tonight, but no ‘divers’.  In bed lay thinking what I shall do about Wisbech.

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