EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

28th December 1944

Still cold and foggy.  Another letter from Ann, telling me about her Christmas in her home at Aberdeen.  Spent the whole day in the stables, clearing rubbish.  Made a big fire in the middle of the yard.  The jennet stood by, watching sadly, as she knew what all this meant.

Went home for an hour, washed, changed, and went out to tea with Dolly S [from the Telephone Exchange].  Had not seen her for a long time.  Had a lot of foolish chatter about the old days, Mary, Walker, Molly Bateman and the “treason case” and so on.  Tonight to Holly Trees, in the Muniment Room and the Essex Archaeological Society Library, and then to Boxted at 11 o’clock, very tired out.  The moon is full tomorrow night.

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