EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

12th December 1944

Up rather late.  Fine and dull.  A lot of ‘planes about in hazy cloud.  Writing all the morning, then went to Colchester and saw Poulter.  Told me Sam had now written a testimonial, and that I should have it tomorrow.  Sam is still in a bad mood.  Poulter wanted to know whether I intended to tell Hull?  But I said certainly not until I knew whether I had got Wisbech or not.

Went home for a couple of hours.  Father very well.  Told him all that I had done about Wisbech.  Miss Payne very excited about the whole thing.

To Dedham, and found Mrs Sisson and Rhoda Dawson making puppets.  Five fire engines in Dedham Street, but no fire.  Apparently a false alarm.  Told Mrs. Sisson about Wisbech.  She emphasised the importance of the Penrose connection, but said she thought that Lionel Penrose did not have much to do with the one at Bradenham or with his aunt, Miss Peckover.

Old Canon Rendall is apparently sinking.

Managed to leave at 7, only 10 minutes before the sirens sounded.  Two divers went by, somewhere beyond Higham, perhaps beyond Hadleigh.  Only one searchlight was used, in a vague, uncertain manner.

Boxted by 9, and early and hopefully to bed.

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