31st March 1943

Quite recovered.  Lovely morning until 11, but began to cloud over.  Heard a great number of planes going out towards the sea, very high, and soon after there was an alarm for 10 minutes.  Joanna came in again for a few minutes, in fact she was there when the alarm sounded, but simply kept on talking to the other girls.

The clouds continued all day, but nothing else happened.  Rain began about 5, very fine, and blowing before the strong westerly wind.  As I cycled out I thought how the scene looked exactly like the Cymm fach, especially the valley, looking down from Crockleford Hill.  What would I not give to be far away in the Welsh Mountain at this very moment.

In the papers today there were new regulations published about coastal areas.  This year it is not intended to prohibit persons from visiting the East Coast, but from tomorrow certain coastal areas may be closed suddenly and without warning.  These areas may be anywhere within a strip 10 miles wide from Berwick to Lands End.  I don't think this would affect my living at Lawford, as the whole of our District would be within the 10-mile belt, and one would be able to move about within it.

Tremendous gale blowing tonight, the house shaking, and the wind howling through cracks and crevices.  No planes about at all.

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