17th March 1943

Very thick fog, which did not clear until past eleven.  There was a yellow haze above, and the farm horses going to work were just ghostly shapes.  Very raw and cold.

Find that I got up in my sleep, took a fresh candle, put it in the candlestick and lit it.  Second time I have done this lately.  Previously I had not done it since last June.  

This morning had to go down to Hythe Quay to the “Naafi” Institute, about sacks of savoys which we are sending in.  Called at Bruce’s about our new trolleys, and at the station about sending off potatoes to the Ministry of Food.  Had to go right down to the coal-yard.  I much enjoy these excursions about the town, although they put my work back a good deal.

Poulter was very bright today, and his voice better.  He told me Dr. Cowan had said that the growth was considerably smaller.  He went on further about the meeting yesterday.  Apparently Sir Gurney Benham accused Hull of removing Samian pottery to Elmstead, which Hull flatly denied.  It is of course Samian moulds which he has got there, (and has had them there for 5 years at least), but the poor old Chairman of course always gets hold of the wrong end of the stick.  Hull was warned that next month a “disciplinary matter” will be considered, which Poulter thinks must be with relation to his drinking habits.  The Chairman is at last roused, but I am afraid nothing will come of the whole affair.  The only hope is to retire Hull on the grounds of ill-health, as was done with Fred Spalding [a previous curator of Colchester Castle] 40 years ago. 

Another glorious night, but still no planes.  Very curious.  I fear that some frightful affair must be in preparation somewhere, perhaps an invasion of Europe.


Jane said...

Is that the same Fred Spalding that was a photographer of Chelmsford?
Thanks, Jane

E J Rudsdale said...

Hi Jane,
Thanks for your comment - I believe it is just a coincidence of names. The curator, Fred Spalding, would have been a bit older than the Chelmsford photographer, Fred Spalding but it would be interesting to know if perhaps they were related?
Best wishes, CP