11th March 1943

Thoroughly unpleasant day.  Clouds early, but the sun came out at times.  

Very busy all day.  Phone going incessantly.  Did not get very much done, the girls seemed very unsettled.  Wonder if they too are waiting for an attack?  Stanley Nott came in about 4.  He has been more of a nuisance than ever recently, since he decided to get married, and soon began teasing and playing with the girls.  I got more and more furious, and at last, without saying a word, slammed both doors as hard as I could and rushed out of the building.  At first I thought I would go back later and finish the post, then I decided not to, and set off for Lawford.  The clouds were thinner, and the sun sent down great golden rays.  It was such a nice evening that I decided to cycle on to Manningtree, just for the sake of seeing the place.  As I went past Lawford Place I heard, very faintly, the sound of sirens.  It seemed to be an “all-clear”, but was very far away, either Ipswich or Hadleigh perhaps.  Some children playing called out “There she goes!”

Manningtree is a very curious little town, with narrow, winding streets, perched on the side of the valley.  Noticed a shop with the old name of O.H.S. Tice.  I must really make a careful examination of the place one day.

Went back by the station, and up the footpath to Lawford Church.  A plane was diving and turning over head.  

Wrote a long letter to Joanna tonight, very bright and chatty, office gossip, etc.  No mention of raids, bomber crashes, or rows in the office.

Still cloudy, but the crescent moon showing through.

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