30th March 1943

Felt bad on waking.  Headache very bad.  Clouds, but a high wind.  Did not leave until 9, feeling terrible, not made any happier by the news in the “Times” of attacks on the S. Coast yesterday.  Thought I should never reach Colchester.

Felt worse all morning, though the sky cleared, and great white clouds sailed majestically across it.  Could stand no more, called at home, had 3 cups of tea, but no food.  Ella was there.  Heard there was an alarm for an hour last night.  Set off for Dedham to see Sissons, and met them on their own doorstep, just back from Colchester.  They were most kind, gave me tea, and I ate two bits of bread and butter.  Had 2 and a half hours talk, most entertaining, and felt much better.  Going along Pond Lane just after 7, I overtook two pairs of Moorhouse’s horses going home from work, all lovely Suffolks.  The sky was pearl coloured, with great mauve clouds sitting across the valley.

Before I got to Dedham, I stopped to see Polley about the two trollies which he is making.  He was busy with them when I went in, making a lovely job of the wheels, all being cut out by hand, oak and ash.  He lamented that it was impossible to get seasoned timber, and had been for many years.

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