EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

3rd March 1943

Colder, S.E. wind, and rather cloudy.  However, no alarms during the day.  Home to lunch.  Mother seems rather brisker.  Old Mr. Rose, next door, the “philanthropist”, is very ill.  He has given a good many thousands to almshouses and hospitals, but they say he is a terribly bad employer.

Went down to Bruce’s at the Hythe, about building new trollies for this harvest.  There was a very battered lorry there, being repaired, and I was told it cost £700 six months ago, and was bought by a man to run gravel to the aerodromes at £30 a week.  It will be worn out in another three months, then he will buy another.

Cycled back to Ardleigh Park.  Dear old man near the station, riding a curious tricycle with two wheels in front and one behind, his dinner basket and blue enamel can hanging on the handle-bars.  Went along Humberlands drive, and saw Robin at the buildings, looking very fit indeed.
Bed at 10.30, rather tired so did not do much writing.

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