22nd March 1943

Woke at 5, to find the moon shining, a rich orange colour, through thin mist.  Thick fog when I set off, but soon cleared, and a lovely day.  New chief clerk began duty today, very inconvenient, as we were all busy getting ready for Committee.  Long meeting, but nothing very special.  All worried about the shortage of equipment.

Back to Colchester at 7, then had to feed Bob, so did not get to Lawford until after 8.

Churchill’s speech was published at full length in the “Times” today.  Very depressing, as usual.  Suggests that Germany may be beaten by 1945 – then we tackle Japan.  This must be very pleasant for those whose relatives are prisoners or are serving abroad.

Lovely evening, with some fog beginning to come up.  The moon huge and red.  Still no planes about.  Why is this?  The great offensive which was to obliterate a city every night seems to have faded out.  Can it be that some powerful persons have made an effective protest against the piecemeal destruction of European cities?  I am afraid that is too optimistic a suggestion.  It must be only the weather.

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