5th March 1943

Fog early, very cold.  Then it cleared, and the sun came out. 

Very busy all day.  The office is very difficult to run now that we are so overcrowded.  Diana Davis came in this afternoon to enquire about Poulter and to get advice about her Ministry of Labour registration.  I made a faux pas by inferring that she was over 30, when she is actually only 21.  However, went out at 4.30 and gave her tea.

Cycled out at 6.30.  Lovely calm evening.  Streets full of people strolling uptown to cinemas or repertory theatre.  Two barges in at Marriage’s Mill, loading up flour.  Went by the Ipswich Road.  American sentry by the huts at Whitehouse Farm, called out “Good evening!” to me as I went past.  Tractors and horses drilling and harrowing in several fields.  Sun sinking crimson into a fog-bank.
Tonight very quiet.  Few planes about.  Writing till 10.30.

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