1st April 1943

Heavy, low, clouds, and rain falling, so took advantage of a slight stomach-ache to stay in bed, listening to the birds singing in the rain, and the voices of people coming to the “backus door” for milk.

Lay in bed until after 2, refusing all food except a bit of bread and butter, and finished  reading the Life of Harriet Beecher Stowe.  The duplicity of the English at the time of the American Civil War most interesting.

Joy said I was on no account to move, but the sun came out about 3, so I slipped quietly downstairs and away on my cycle.  I had to go in to Colchester in any case, to feed Bob.  It was a hard struggle against the head wind, and gave me heart pains.  

Home to tea, and then to feed Bob.  Running easily before the wind I got back to Lawford at 6.30.  Told Joy I had only been as far as Dedham to post letters.  

Sky quite clear tonight, and bright starlight, but very few planes about.  Writing until 10.30. 

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