21st March 1943

Up at 10.  The sky still quite overcast.  After breakfast, writing, and then had to go in to Colchester as I had promised Mother I would be home to lunch, and I also needed clean shirts, etc.  Rather cold, but got warm cycling.

Had lunch, changed, and left again at 3.30.  Went to Dedham, and had tea at Sissons.  Much talk about Poulter, the Museum, and the sale of Laver’s books on Thursday.  I went out to try and get Mrs. Sisson some cigarettes at the “Marlborough”, but the place is so badly managed that nobody was there, although the doors were open.  Got them at the “Sun” instead.

Left at 7, and went on to Lawford.  The sky was beginning to clear at last, so hoping for a fine day tomorrow.

The Premier and Hitler are both making speeches today, the Premier being on the radio tonight after the 9 o’clock news.  He is expected to speak for about an hour. 


Robin King said...

Interesting (to me, from afar) his use of the word "Premier". Does anyone in England use this any more, and (if not) when did it die out?

E J Rudsdale said...

Many thanks for your comment Robin. "Premier" is not a term we use regularly now but I haven't been able to find out when it died out. If anyone else can enlighten us, please let us know. Thanks CP