25th March 1943

Woke at 5 to hear rain falling.  By 10, sun began to break through.  Air very clean and washed.  Lovely daffodils on the grass bank below my window.

Apparently a big attack yesterday on Kent, twelve planes, and only 2 brought down.  Great damage and “many casualties”.  This was done in broad sunlight.

Got a lot done.  Went home to tea, and then to feed Bob.  Got caught in a heavy shower.  The rain last night, followed by sun all day, had a wonderful effect, and hedges looked bright and green in some parts tonight.  Parry’s spring oats showed through at once.  It will bring the grass on too.  Everything looks wonderfully green and clean.

A few planes went out tonight, above clouds.  These must be from aerodromes in Suffolk.  They are the ones which go over regularly every second Thursday.  It is interesting to note that one group of aerodromes can apparently only carry out a raid once a fortnight.  This will be worth remembering when the Langham field is in use.

Curious flashes to the S. late this evening, but no sound of any explosions.

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