29th March 1943

Rotten night.  Bad stomach-ache came on about 4a.m.  Quite a new kind of pain, high up under the edge of my ribs.  Terrible griping sensation.  Heard the Town Hall strike 5 and 6, then the watchmen went and some men arrived to make alterations to the emergency exit at the end of the Wheeley’s passage [the emergency exit for the Castle's air raid shelters].  I went over to Holly Trees at half past 7, washed, and opened letters.  The sun was up, shining through layers of thin, high clouds.  

Went to Rose’s for breakfast.  She had just arrived, but looked very ill, and was going back to bed.  Poor dear, she looked very ill, and had a terrible cough.
Wind to S.W.  Warmer.

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