9th January 1944

Dropped off to sleep in the armchair last night, and did not wake until past 8.  Rather fortunate really, as it gave me a chance to get some work done this morning. 

Heard on the radio news that some medical man, a Dr. Bourne, I think it was, has announced that children who are being brought up during the war are very lucky indeed, as they are getting much better food than they would otherwise have done.  One has only to look at the sickly, wan, little beasts in Colchester to see the wicked absurdity of this ridiculous statement.

Came on to rain about 4, but I determined to go over to Sherbourne Mill as Joy had asked me, and I did not like to miss an opportunity.  Had a most enjoyable evening, and a lovely supper.  Stayed until nearly 11 o’clock, and came away with 15 eggs and a pint of milk.

Still raining, but the moon behind the clouds made it quite light.  No beacon on tonight.

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