14th January 1944

Woke at 5, and saw bright light round the edge of the curtains.  Looked out to see a white frost, and the moon shining brightly.  Very cold, in contrast to yesterday’s muggy warmth, yet the wind is only a few points more westerly.  Not a cloud in the sky all day.  A good many planes went out.  Called at the old house.  Father and Miss Payne seem to be settling in very well, but it must seem very strange to him.  I think she is kind and efficient.  Warned her today about Ella, whom she had already met.

Tea at Rose’s café, and then to Holly Trees to get my money.  Poulter told me that he did not get a very good report at the hospital yesterday, and that he is to go for an examination once a month.  This is very alarming.  The poor old chap looked sad and depressed.

He said that Banell, the Borough Treasurer, had been down to the Castle to enquire about the latest robbery, and Alderman Blomfield came as well.  Poulter said he did not know how the Chairman had got to know about the matter, so I did not enlighten him.  Everybody agrees that suspicion points to one of the Attendants, but I expect there will be a conspiracy to hush up the matter, just as there was in the case of the theft of the Roman coins.  A Corporation official has got to commit a very serious crime before he is in danger of punishment.

Heard today that Stuart Rose had had an accident while at work, so went over to Boxted, and found he had crushed his foot while unloading drums.  Stayed until 9.30, then to Higham under glittering stars with thin mist.  There seemed to be an exercise on, with a large number of planes flying in formation.  Found the beacon flashing, and heard a very distant “All-clear”, probably Ipswich.  Radio was normal.  For some strange reason do not feel so nervous lately.

As soon as I got in Honey [the cat] caught a mouse, so shut her in the kitchen to finish it.  She sleeps on my bed every night, a plump purring little lump.

Fog coming up tonight, so perhaps we can hope for a little bad weather.

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