16th January 1944

Still thick fog, very cold.  Surprised to hear on the radio that there was a raid last night “in East Anglia”, one plane down.  Are we never to be safe, even in this weather?

Had breakfast, and suddenly felt very ill, pains in legs and body.  This last few days my heart has been rather painful.  However, had promised to go to tea with Diana, so made a great effort and got to Colchester by 5.  Lovely tea, but unfortunately did not feel like eating.  Spent a pleasant evening in kiss and cuddle on the sofa, until 10 o’clock, when she went to the Albert Hall for fire-watching.  Very nice girl.

Left the town as the Americans, screaming and howling, came pouring out of the public houses.  Fog still very thick, but it cleared for an hour in the afternoon, and the sun shone brightly.

Have just finished a book on “Witchcraft” by an American, William Seabrook.  Most interesting.

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