25th January 1944

Tearing gale this morning, but brilliant and sunny.  Intended to go to Fordham, but could not face it.  Got in late.  Corn looks wonderfully green for the time of year.

Busy all the afternoon, and this evening went to Boxted to see Roses.

Got to Higham at 10.30, by the light of the stars.  Decided to go by Langham Waterworks, and waded across the stream, as the wind had veered and I wanted to avoid Higham lanes.  Chain came off near the village, I must consider getting a new cycle.  I bought this one a few days before the war began, and it has had hard wear.

No beacon tonight.

Met old G.E. Pepper [one of Rudsdale's former teachers at Colchester Royal Grammar School] at Headgate this evening.  Have not seen him for months.  Very friendly.  Asked me about Mother, and spoke of conditions at school and in his lodgings.  Poor old man, he must be very lonely.

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