26th January 1944

Another fine morning.  As I went through Stratford the sun rose, huge and golden, in a pale green sky, with red and purple edged clouds, the tower of Dedham Church black against it.  Men and girls cutting cabbages at Higham.

At Colchester saw one of the old Corporation carts, with Harvey’s filthy horse, collecting road sweepings near Dilbridge Hall, just as they did 6 years ago.  How the Engineer and his satellites worked to get rid of all the horses on Corporation work.

Went to order a new Raleigh cycle today, to cost £8.19.0.  My old one should be worth £4 at least.

Cold and raining tonight, but I was glad, as it meant a quiet night.  To Higham at 8.  Americans in the house and a dreadful woman Jill, to keep Jacquie company.  The beacon was flashing in the rain, but both the men spent the evening playing cards in the cottage, and did not leave until after midnight.  I went to bed and saw no one.

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