EJ Rudsdale on Twitter from 3 September 2019

5th January 1944

Heard planes going out very early.  Fine morning, high clouds, freezing hard.  Sun rose in great sheets of crimson flame.  Capt. Folkard out all day, so very busy.  Engledow telephoning from Writtle about recommendations for the new council houses.  Very anxious that nothing should be done except by himself, - inter-departmental jealousy.

Light until well after 6, with the moon coming up in a fog.  Had tea up-town before leaving.  Poulter tells me that old Mrs. Lyon-Campbell [Dr P G Laver's sister] is dying in the Beverley Road Nursing Home, and that Alderman Hazell has had a stroke and is in the County Hospital.  He (Poulter) is going to see the Chairman about Mrs. Lyon-Campbell’s books and pictures.  Marshall the solicitor is executor, and is very awkward.

If Alderman Hazell dies there will be another vacancy on the Museum Committee, which it will be very difficult to fill.  No Councillors take any interest in the Museum.  I see in today’s “Gazette”, that Adams, the manager of Barclay’s Bank, has been put on the Council in Harper’s place, now that Harper has been made an Alderman.  There must have been 10 or 11 Councillors put on unopposed since the beginning of the war.

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