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20th January 1944

Low cloud, some fog.  Had a note this morning from Jacquie Conran to say she would be back on Monday.  Don't know whether she means permanently or for a visit.  Hope to God she doesn't bring her mother again.  Must try to find somewhere else.

Went to Fordham Aerodrome, by way of Stoke and Nayland.  Pleasant ride, horses ploughing, a pair on a muck-cart going through Nayland, an old man ditching near Lt. Horkesley, the forge working near the “Beehive”.  At the aerodrome, found the lorry and 6 girls.  Got them busy, and could see that the ceiling timbers from the old Farmhouse would go alright, although it was heavy work to carry them through 150 yards of deep mud.

Fog cleared during the day.  Back by West Bergholt, and called at Emerson’s forge.  A gypsy was just leading away a bay cob as I got there.  Emerson laughed and said “There’s one thing about Gyppos – they always pay on the nail.”  He is very busy, and has averaged three horses a day ever since he started, and has no end of implement repairs to do.  He seemed very happy.

Went home to tea.  Miss Payne was out, so Father insisted on hurrying about to get tea for me. 

To Bourne Mill at 6, and a thick fog was rising, so I hoped we should have a quiet night, but by 7 it had all gone and the stars were shining.  Went out to Boxted at 8 to see the Roses.  He was very cheerful, though by no means happy at the idea of 6 weeks idleness.  Wish I could have six weeks off.

Left at 9.30.  As I came out of their chase-way a ‘jeep’ came roaring down the lane, stopped, reversed, and a Cockney voice called out “Say, mate, where’s Lady Minter’s farm?”  I said “Do you mean the farm yard?” and he replied “Yes, where the house is.”  I directed him, and he flashed away in the darkness.

Got to Higham at 10, lovely starlight, clear and frosty.  The beacon flashing, and several planes about.  Heard on the midnight news that there had been a bad raid on Berlin, so we must expect another reprisal.

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