22nd January 1944

Woke to the sound of gunfire at 5a.m., and felt the cottage shake from distant bomb bursts.  Did not get out of bed.

Up at 7.30.  Howling gale from the S.W.  Eight o’clock news said “raid on London”, “few” planes, and “8 shot down”.  Had difficulty to get in against the wind.

We had Prior in this morning, abut the Brook Hall land at Fingringhoe, and he said there had been a heavy raid on London, but it is impossible to believe anything he says.  Evening papers say 90 planes came over, damage, and “some casualties”.

This afternoon met Mary Tovell and took her to tea.  She was full of gay stories about Gravesend Hospital.  Afterwards walked back with her to her aunt’s in Harsnett Road, by way of the Gasworks.  Dark and cold.  Rain began at 7.  To Higham at 8.

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