13th January 1944

Warm, low clouds, slight rain.  Saw half a dozen gypsy women at St Botolph’s Corner, in gaudy coats and skirts, selling brilliantly coloured paper flowers.

This afternoon intended to go to Fordham, as I hear that the big ceiling is taken down, but went by Sheepen and then found it was too late.  The Potter’s Field is ploughed up, for the first time since about 1930.  Many signs of the old trenches dug in the early years of the excavations.  Met Dyer up there, and talked to him, then found it too late to go to Fordham, so called on Alderman Blomfield at St. Clare Road.  Found him sawing wood in the Park, and talked about the latest business at the Museum.  He was very worried, but I doubt if he intends to do anything.  

Our brothel opposite the office has been very busy this last few days, Americans in and out all the time.  An officer came out this morning.

Decided tonight to try and get into the National Fire Service on part time, to do one night per week. 

Called at Dedham and then to Higham.  As I came away from Dedham it was very dark, with low clouds and fine drizzling rain.  Surprised at Stratford Church to hear an “All-clear” sounding from the direction of Colchester.  Should not have thought that ‘planes would be out on such a night, although I have known them to come over in a snow-storm.

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