17th January 1944

Still thick fog, very dark this morning, but rather warmer.  Heard on the radio that there had been a bad railway accident at Ilford last night, and Daphne told me that the 7.5 from London did not reach Colchester until 3.30a.m. this morning.  She had been down to Kent for a weekend.

Very busy today, telephone going all day long.  Got a lot of letters off.  I see from the accounts for transport that we no longer even drive cattle from one farm to the next – we even have a motor lorry from Copt Hall to Abbott’s Hall or Sampson’s to Brickhouse.  Incredible.  I remember driving cattle all over the district when I was a boy of 10 or 12.

Got out at 5 sharp and took Daphne to see “Robin Hood” at the ‘Playhouse’.  Awful rubbish, but beautiful colours.  Noticed that even in these days the ageless story roused the greatest enthusiasm among the hundreds of children who filled the cheap seats.  I well remember the previous film, 20 years ago, which made a great impression on me a that time.

Back to Higham by way of Dedham.  Left Mrs. Sisson two books, Marie Antoinette and Seabrook’s “Witchcraft”.

From Stratford Church could see the beacon flashing, great red flames on the clouds, but rain was beginning and I did not anticipate a raid.  Supper, pork and beans, and bed at 10.30 without a qualm.

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