18th January 1944

In early.  Clearer, but low clouds, and light drizzle.  During the last year we have forgotten to fear dull days.  Captain Folkard went out at 4, so I went home to tea.  Miss Payne was out, so I had it alone with Father, very pleasant.

I was going to have high tea at the café, but as I opened the door I saw Hull sitting there, fortunately with his back to me, so I retreated hastily.  Went into Holly Trees.  Poulter told me that Alderman Hazell died last Saturday, and that the funeral is Thursday.  So the old Museum Committee fades away.

It has been decided that the police must not be told of the Castle robberies, as they are obviously “inside” jobs.  The Committee apparently suspect one of the firewatchers more than one of the attendants.  This is the man Poulter refused to have in Holly Trees as he suspected him.

I had hoped that when old Sir Gurney went the Committee would take such actions as might be necessary for the good organisation of the place, but apparently even now the old man’s shadow is sufficiently strong to protect thieves and robbers if the exposure of their activities should reveal the scandal in the Museum.

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