3rd August 1943

A few noises in the night, but was too tired to take much notice.  Overslept, did not wake until 8, and had to run down unshaved to catch the bus.  Dull morning, with high cirrus clouds.  

Our office in chaos – one typist has left, and Daphne is on holiday.  Poulter came in to tell me that poor old Alexander, the fire watcher at Holly Trees, has got cancer.  Says he won't last a year, although he may come back to work for a time.  Poor old man.  He has only been back a week, after a month away ill. 
Worked late tonight, and went back on an Ipswich bus, so had to walk from Stratford church.

In the evening papers is an account of a great raid on Hamburg, where it is claimed that 7 square miles have been devastated and 11,000 civilians killed.  Nothing like this has ever been seen in the world before.

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