25th August 1943

Quiet night.  Heavy shower about 7, but fine later.  Photo in the “East Anglian Daily Times” this morning of a combine cutting barley in Suffolk.  Easy to photograph a motionless binder – the Committee’s was motionless when Poulter photographed it a fortnight ago, and it has not moved since, with the result that we still have nearly 60 acres of wheat to cut, which is now in such a state that the binder can't touch it.

News of a tremendous raid on Berlin, and 60 ‘planes lost.  How stupid to bomb the enemy’s capital city out of sheer childish spite, when the ‘planes are so badly needed to support the hard pressed troops.  There is no longer any pretence that we are bombing military objectives.  However, it looks as though Rome is saved, and the Allies are accepting conditions.  The Pope has done a great deal.  Rather odd news today that voluntary enlistment has been stopped for the army, but not for the R.A.F., Navy or Marines.

Lovely evening, very few ‘planes going out.  Blackberries very plentiful and sweet on the home.  

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