29th August 1943

Clouds and showers all day.  Busy packing up [at Sherebourne Mill, Lawford as Rudsdale had arranged to move to Valley Farm Cottage in Higham, which he was renting from a Mr and Mrs Conran - further details are available in Rudsdale's book].  Have been very happy here.  Got away soon after lunch with all the Journals, photos, maps, books etc.  Made quite a load.  Roger had both hind shoes loose.  Going into Dedham met old Canon Rendall, walking briskly, learning on the arm of his valet.  Drew the whip from the bucket and gave him a smart salute, which he acknowledged with a wave of his hand.

To Higham in half an hour, just as the clock struck 4.  Conran himself was at the cottage, on weekend leave.  Settled all final details, the idea being that I pay them £3.10 a month, which is the same rent that they pay to Jones, the landlord, and I look after the place until they get back next year.  We had tea, and then Conran set off back to Portsmouth.  Says that all that part of the South Coast is rigidly closed. 

Got everything unpacked, and stowed away in the little room at the east end.  Apparently some of the furniture belongs to Jones, but some to the Conrans.  Jacquie Conran has among other things a beautiful Chinese “opium bed”, and a piano.

Felt a little anxious when driving away, to leave all my papers here.  Thought about fire in this old timber house.

Left shortly after 7.  Went grandly through the cool evening until just on the Suffolk side of the Dedham bridge, Roger cast both hind shoes, so had to walk him the last 2 miles.  Can't understand why people dont keep their horses properly shod.

Clouds came sweeping up the valley, looking like rain.  Hope so, may give us a quiet night.

Curious how the Nuremberg raid is being “toned down” in the press.  Can there have been a great disaster owing to bad weather?

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