20th August 1943

Up 7.30.  Lovely cool morning.  One or two ‘planes warming up at Langham, but nothing in the air.  

Very hot all day.  Few ‘planes about.  Wonderful crops of plums, apples and blackberries.  All the papers screaming “Invasion of the Continent” and screaming louder about a very long war.

Poulter came upstairs this afternoon and said that Maynard [the Curator of Ipswich Museum] was in from Ipswich.  Went down and had a chat, not having seen him since the day in 1940 when Norway was invaded.  Seems just the same, but getting quite an old man.

Cycled out by way of Harwich Road, and saw the little hole in Berriman’s field near Fox Street, where there is an unexploded bomb, with a notice stuck up on a pole nearby.  Ate a lot of blackberries.

At Ardleigh, two young soldiers were reading very carefully all through the names on the village war-memorial, while three pretty little girls stood nearby with their cycles, laughing and talking.

Cloudy tonight.

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