27th August 1943

Fine, sunny, but rather cold.  Many ‘planes going out, with dreadful noise, between 7 and 9. 

Still quite a lot of plums about.

Have had no chance to ask the District Officer about [taking some] leave, he is so busy, and out nearly all day.  He went off to Writtle at 12.

Cloudy and rain at times.  Tried to get off early, but everything delayed me.  Finally going up Ipswich Road, got a puncture on a nail.  Walked through St. John’s Road to Fox Street, to Clayton’s, and borrowed a cycle, leaving mine at garage to be mended.  In Ipswich Road saw a car going along with a gas-bag on the roof, almost exactly where I saw the same thing in the last war, one day when I was walking with Father, in the days when we used to stroll through the “Partridge Fen” and along Rat Ditch.


Robin King said...

Have totally forgotten (if I ever knew!) what he means by the term "gas-bag". Could you please elucidate?
I suppose the "missing days" which have occurred recently are due to the details of a blooming romance with Molly, and you have wished to spare our blushes ;-)

Jane said...

I don't like the sound of 'rat ditch'!

E J Rudsdale said...

Thank you to you both for your comments and sorry for this late reply. Jane - No rat ditch doesn't sound very pleasant, does it!
Robin - My understanding is that the vehicle was fuelled by a gas filled bag that sat on the top of the roof but if anyone has any more details, please let us know.

Sadly there was no blooming romance with Molly as she does not seem to have been interested in Rudsdale. The recent missing days have been due to those days having already been published in the book or no entry having been recorded by Rudsdale. Best wishes, CP