2nd August 1943

Monday (Bank Holiday)
Quiet night.  Few ‘planes about.  Looked out at 3am and saw a vast blaze of searchlights far away to the North, and a drone of ‘planes high beneath the stars.  Breakfast at 9 this morning.  What a delightful house this is.  Rudsdale was staying with the Sissons at their house, Sherman's Hall in Dedham High Street.  The house was later bequeathed to the National Trust but is not open to the public.

Few people working in the fields.  Many farmers have forbidden their men to work today, so as to avoid having to pay them double time.  Cyclists in swarms along the roads, and boats on the river.

Crowd of cars and cycles outside the “Marlborough” and the “Sun” this evening.  Much pleasant talk until 11.30, then bed.

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