16th August 1943

Up at 7.30, rather cold, but brilliant sunshine.  ‘Planes began to go out rather high. 

Captain Folkard not in today.  Went down to Lawrence’s the coachbuilder’s about an account.  Lovely tub-trap there, on mail-axles, dated 1893.  Little Lawrence is wonderfully hard working, and does a tremendous amount of small jobs.  Found by records today that another 5 wagons have been sent to Wigborough, which ought to help this harvest.

Called at the Town Hall about last night’s row, but Borough Engineer’s office refused to talk sense – said they had no idea who was responsible for Castle watchers.

Had to go to DCRE’s office in Winnock Rd., about a water pipe at Peldon.  Very dashing looking A.T. in the outer room, smoking a cigarette, which she parked on a radiator before announcing me to the DCRE, who told me a most amusing story about some Land girls in the Midlands literally chasing an Italian POW, catching him behind a haystack and pulling off his trousers, saying “Now let’s see if you’re a man!”  The result was he prosecuted for assault in the local court!

Went home to tea, being so near.

Lovely evening.  Went out with Hampshire to Elmstead, for the sake of driving for an hour.

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