1st August 1943

Sunday (Dedham)
Wakened by the church bell tolling for 8 o’clock service.  Looked out of the little window onto the tiled roofs below, and by squinting left could see the great green mass of the chestnut tree by the church gate, the live rooks swirling about the belfry, and the stone birds motionless on the pinnacles above.  Went back to bed until 9.30.

Had breakfast late, heard the bells again for morning service, watched the village people in shiny Sunday best, going into the porch.  Seemed to be a very small congregation.

Last night’s storm quite gone, but heavy clouds came sailing over from the S.W.  Had to cycle in to Colchester this afternoon against a strong head-wind.  Last night’s rain had made the farm roads unpleasantly sticky.  Twenty four hours of it would certainly stop harvest carting.

Called at home for an hour, then back to Dedham for supper at 8.30.

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