31st August 1943

Last day of summer, we always used to say.  Now autumn comes, and soon winter.  Still no chance to see Captain Folkard, who was out all day.  Harvest not yet done – we still have a lot of barley to cart, which has been standing in the traves far too long.  They simply cannot get the men to work.

Busy all day, telephone ringing incessantly.

Tonight forced myself to see Dr Penry Rowland again, to get some more sleeping tablets.  [Rudsdale had been suffering from sleeping problems and had been advised by the doctor to take a holiday for his health].  Walked up and down Wellesley Rd a long time, hoping the Seymours would not see me, and at last saw him drive up in his car.  Dozens of new American ‘planes were streaming over, and apparently landing at Langham, the noise so terrible that the Doctor could hardly hear me speaking.  He was reluctant to give me any more bromides, but at last made up another prescription.  Said he was glad I was going away, and that he too would have some holiday next week.

Back to Lawford by 8, had supper, and everybody in bed by 9 o’clock.

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