16th April 1943

Another lovely dawn.  Nothing happened at all last night.  Felt strained today, and did not get through a very great quantity of work.  Went to the bank, and found I had not so much money as I thought.  My current account is now overdrawn £3.8.2, and on deposit I have only £202.19.10.  I have £11 in cash, but that is all.  Must consider seriously selling Robin.  I owe about £16-£20 to various people.

Went off early this afternoon and had tea at the Roses at Boxted.  Early in the evening, as I was looking across the steep little valley towards the village, I heard the cuckoo, the first this year.

Cycled on to Lawford in the dusk.  Had hardly got to bed when a huge flight of bombers began to go out, I could see several in the light of the moon, and could hear voices from the cottages in the lane as people came out to look at them.

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Anonymous said...


I've got around to converting Rudsdale money worries in to today's values

He would be overdrawn by £108

He would have on deposit £6,442

He would have cash of £350

He would owe between £510 - £637

I wonder if he was very careful with his money or better paid than we might imagine!

Mike Dennis