4th April 1943

A lovely day, brilliant warm sun.  Stayed in the whole day, writing, and reading “England Have My Bones”, by T.H. White.  Very good indeed, especially the remarks on hunting.  I must get other books by this author.
There was a short alarm this evening about 8.30, in broad sunlight and heard a plane come over at great height, no doubt photographing.  I hope not preparatory to raids.  More likely looking at the temporary jetties which I believe are now being built round the coast at Walton and Clacton.
Soon after 10 I heard distant firing, and looked out.  Heard no alarm, but Joy said she did, not Manningtree but probably Colchester.  Guns were firing towards the E., Harwich direction, and two planes came over, high among the stars.  One seemed to be beginning a dive, but nothing happened.

In less than a quarter of an hour I heard all-clear, very faint, but I think Colchester.  Poor dear parents, at any rate they had got an alarm over before bedtime, as I know they hardly ever move before 11.  I would give anything in the world to get them away from Colchester, but where can they go?  Perhaps the Yorkshire relations might do something. 

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