6th April 1943

Fine morning quite warm, with steady S.W. wind.  Busy day doing Committee work from yesterday.  Took some eggs and butter to Mrs. Green, and had a long talk with her, so long that I had no time for any lunch, and had to subsist on a cup of coffee which she gave me.  She told me that a lot of damage had been done to her greenhouses and allotment during the recent “combined exercise”, soldiers going all over the place and deliberately smashing the glass with rifle butts.  She has not been able to get any compensation, so far.  Talked a lot about destruction of ancient monuments, and I told her a good deal of what had been done and would be done in Colchester.  

Left at quarter to 6, and went out by Boxted.  Wind much stronger, and huge white and grey clouds blowing across.  Called at Roses’.  Mrs. R. told me a nice little story about a woman in Queen Charlotte’s Hospital, who had a baby.  She was continually talking about her husband, but suddenly revealed that he had been abroad for 2 years.  A nurse said “What! You have not seen your husband for two years?  What about this baby?”  The woman replied “Oh, well, we’ve corresponded a good deal.”

Wind at gale force tonight, doors rattling, trees roaring and shaking their bare branches. 

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