25th April 1943

Easter Sunday
Rain and shine, and very strong S.W. wind.  Cycled over to Boxted for the christening of the Roses' baby, Harriet.  Took a bottle of cider and 2 bottles of beer.  Rather amused that such a modern young woman as Mrs Rose should bother about a church christening, but her husband is still, I believe, a practising Christian.  She told me that the ceremony took place in the middle of the morning service.  Very few of the gentry were there, and Col. Guy Blewitt walked out as the ceremony was beginning.  [Colonel Blewitt disapproved of christenings taking place during a morning church service]

Quite a party at the cottage.  Rushbury was there, rather pompous, fresh from the Royal Academy Hanging Committee.  Brought his two pretty little daughters, one of whom was godmother.  Mrs. Rushbury was unwell, and did not come.  Lady Minter and her sister called, and there were several others.  We all had excellent cider-cup, which I much enjoyed.

When the others had gone, I stayed to eat the lunch I had brought with me, and spent a peaceful afternoon reading and listening to music on the radio.

Back to Lawford after tea.  Called at Sissons, but Mrs. Sisson still in bed.  Hope it is nothing serious.

Fisher’s sister-in-law is staying at the cottage for a holiday.  She lives in Norwich, and was there through all the raids last year.  As a result of these she now flatly refuses to go to bed if she hears aircraft about, whether hostile or not.  As there is so little room in the cottage, Joy invited Mrs. Fisher and her daughter Ivy to sleep in the house.

Fine night.  A few planes going over.


Anonymous said...


Is the Rose ER's old girlfriend?

Mike Dennis

E J Rudsdale said...

Hello Mike,
Thanks for your message and recent comments. This extract does not refer to Rudsdale's old girlfriend, Rose Browne, but instead refers to Stuart and Dodo Rose and their baby daughter who all lived at Rose Cottage in Boxted. Rudsdale was first introduced to them in August 1940 through Matthew and Joy Parrington of Sherbourne Mill, Lawford.
Hope this helps, Best wishes, CP