14th April 1943

Overcast, with thin high clouds.  Cycled by Long Road, and as I turned towards Colchester saw two lots of planes going out, towards the north-east, one behind the other, about a dozen in each.  They were like two flocks of birds, flying close together, at a fair height, with a curious air of deliberate purpose.  A quarter of an hour later a single machine went across in the same direction.  Children playing in the road, waiting for school buses, never raised their eyes.

I wondered where they were going to, and who would be dead within an hour or two.  I also wondered when the day will come when such a pack comes the other way.
Sun shone mistily all morning, breaking through at times.

Home to tea, then down to see Bob.  Got a little hay in.  Out to Lawford by 8 o’clock.  Lovely cool evening, gadflies dancing, but clouds coming up.

At 10 o’clock clouds were quite thick, and there was a searchlight, like a moon on a tall pillar, standing towards the south-east.  A lot of planes began to go out, very low, some below the clouds, showing red riding lights.  The terrible roar filled the whole air.

Trains were going by continually, mostly heavy minerals.

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