20th April 1943

Glorious sun rise, after a quiet, peaceful night, but I slept very badly.  Awake reading from 1 till 3.  All sign of rain has vanished.  Heard the cuckoo as I went up the hill this morning. 

Very busy, Air Ministry Official about sites of poles at Wormingford, and a man from Writtle about various Farm Survey matters.  

Museum Committee this afternoon.  Saw Poulter before I left, very depressed.  Nothing whatever was done about Hull.  Councillor Smallwood did not attend (probably Gurney Benham, [the Chairman] asked him not to?).  Poulter is back to his prophesy that we have Hull for another 20 years.  I advised him to quit Holly Trees as soon as ever he can.  In his place I would not stay another day.

Left at 6.30.  Called at Whitehouse Farm, Langham [where the airfield was being constructed] to see Barker about taking 65 acres not required by the Air Ministry.  The whole place is in a dreadful state now.  Can't think why Barker is staying on.  It will be quite unworkable as a farm.

Wonderful evening, rather cool, with the sun sinking into a mist.  There was a slight frost this morning.  The whole landscape is turning pale green.  Called at Sissons’ on the way.  Much unprofitable talk about Hull and the Museum. 

At Lawford Joy’s brother was talking about the new aerodromes which are being built in Suffolk, and says that it is impossible for contractors to get work there without bribery.

At a quarter to 10 watched the moon rise behind the old oak, huge and golden.  It rose visibly, while I watched.  No planes about yet.

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