27th April 1943

Dull early, sun showing through thin clouds.  Cuckoos calling.  Tractors working in front of the house.  Had breakfast, and got in by 5 past 9.  Poulter told me there was a short alarm yesterday morning, at a quarter to 7.  

Poulter tells me that Hull has been informed by the Office of Works that the windmill at Bardfield Saling is to be destroyed in connection with an aerodrome.  Hull is in a tremendous state, telephoning to Borough and County Police, trying to get a permit to have it drawn and photographed.  It so happened that the Air Ministry came through on the phone just after lunch about a matter at Wormingford, so I spoke of this business and was assured that no permit was needed, as the mill is not on the actual aerodrome site.  Hull of course is not convinced, but Poulter goes off tomorrow to see what he can do.

Home to tea.  Mother full of the ringing of bells on Sunday – “So nice to hear the lovely bells again.”  All I heard was Dedham's bells, very faintly.

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Anonymous said...


Like many with an interest in these things I understood church bells were silenced through World War Two in the UK as they were to be used as a signal of invasion - so this entry was a surprise, but ER's observation is confirmed in detail here


Mike Dennis