7th April 1943

Tremendous gale all night, kept me awake.  This morning just as bad, and heavy clouds as well.  This, and a genuine desire to get the work done, kept me here all morning writing out the Minutes which I wanted to get done before having a day or two off.

Later the sun came out, but the wind blew just as hard, and moved round more to the north.  Tried to cycle in after lunch, but found it quite impossible, so had to go on the bus.  Gave the girls as much work as I could, to occupy them tomorrow and Friday.  Called on Lawrence, coachbuilder, and asked him to try to buy a farm wagon for us from Prior at Mile End.  Prior now has no land, so does not need it.  Lawrence told me he had sold 2 tub-carts at £38 each this week, and had three more traps in the works now, for repainting.

Joy told me today that she had been paid just over £9 for old Longhorn, although she had not expected more than £1 a leg.

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